Blockchain charity organizations around the world

The power of blockchain technology allows providing fast, safe, and securing financial transactions. Bitcoin and altcoins are used mainly for business purposes. In addition, Bitcoin serves sustainable purposes. Numerous non-profitable organizations provide their activities within blockchain technology. Many potential benefactors are willing to contribute donation projects within their cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin casino industry also does not stay aside from charitable initiatives. Casinos are providing different social projects among their community members. These initiatives make modern gambling sustainable. Players get the ability to take part in social projects while playing BTC roulette and other Bitcoin gambling activities.

There are many benefits of donations within the blockchain system. Transactions recording via blockchain are traceable and immutable. That makes their safety level very high. Bitcoin charity projects are very reliable. It is impossible to cheat within the blockchain system. 

Here are some prominent Bitcoin charity and crowdfunding platforms with a good reputation:

  • Binance. charity is a Bitcoin charitable institution providing projects in numerous fields. Their latest projects of 2020 serve to COVID-19 relief support and Beirut explosion consequences relief.
  • BitcoinForCharity is a platform dedicated to charity donating with Bitcoin. Within the website, potential benefactors are looking for social and charitable projects. The site allows helping and donating Bitcoins within the platform.
  • Fundsurfer is a platform founded in Great Britain. It helps to provide crypto crowdfunding with Bitcoin donations within online payments. The platform fee is only 5%. The platform keeps up business projects, as well as community and social-based ideas.
BTC roulette

Bitcoin gambling at online casino and charity

Many online Bitcoin casinos are sponsors of charity events. They are donating to different projects, such as sports, health, education, homeless shelters, fighting against poverty, and so on. Some casinos are organizing various charitable events on a regular basis in a partnership with charitable institutions.

Many casino tournaments are serving specific charitable purposes. All the donation funds of such tournaments are sent to charitable institutions. Among such activities are BTC roulette tournaments, BTC poker tournaments, charitable lotteries, slot machines, and others. For example, in 2020 a community of Bitcoin gamblers established a charitable poker tournament in support of COVID-19 relief. Charitable lotteries are very popular in Great Britain.

Charity gambling highlights

Bitcoin gambling is an entertaining activity that is more safe and secured than gambling with fiat currencies. Combining cryptocurrency gambling with charitable projects is getting more and more popular. This social activity has many advantages compared to more traditional charitable projects. Law in several countries regulates charity gambling. However, normally, the regulation policy, as usual, does not apply to Bitcoin gambling in financial aspects. That is why charitable gambling projects within the blockchain are easier to conduct. That gives plenty of opportunities to enthusiasts.