A donor may make a gift of ANY size to the foundation for the community’s benefit. You may wish to specify certain organizations to receive your gift or certain areas of interest, such as education, youth, or the arts. Or you may let the Foundation decide – this enables a response to needs as they arise and change.

Any of the types of funds listed below may be established as a permanent named fund to commemorate a family, a person, or an organization. All of our endowment funds are invested together, but separated for bookkeeping purposes. The earned income from the investments is used for grantmaking.

Undesignated Fund
Donor lets the Foundation identify community needs and choose how the income will be used. Donor Advised Fund
Donor retains the right to recommend grants within or outside our community. Scholarships
Donor establishes fund to assist student(s) in obtaining an education. Field of Interest
Donor limits the Foundation to choices within a specific charitable area (e.g. youth education, arts, etc.). Designated Fund
Donor names a specific charitable organization or project as recipients. Agency Endowments
Charitable organization gives its endowment to the Foundation to manage, with the organization receiving annual earnings.